The oldest and most traditional Spanish hunting, the Montería. Nowhere else in the world you could experience such an unique event. A truly exceptional and exclusive hunting day.


Driven Hunt

This type of big game is a real spectacle played at splendid estates and beautiful countryside landscapes. From very early in the morning, 15 to 30 guns gather together and have the traditional breakfast. After the draw and with the guns in position, the rehalas (hounds and their keepers) do their job moving the game. 

And once the game is recovered by the staff, is time to enjoy of the anecdotes, fellowship and of course nice food and drinks. A hunt completely different to anything you could have experienced before.

Big Hunting Spain can organize many types of arrangements. From private monterías for 5-10 hunters and big trophies; to a hunt with 30 guns and no game quota, where easily we can reach 100 trophies in one day.

The montería is generally for red deer and wild boar, and sometimes also fallow deer and mouflon.

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