Hunting Safaris

South Africa

More than 20 years of professional experience offering the best service to our customers. Big Hunting Spain can guarantee the highest quality with regards to the amount and variety of trophies, top range accommodations, excellent food and many other personalized services. All to warrant you enjoy a trip of a lifetime and the ideal safari in Africa you have always dreamt of.


We offer the ideal opportunity to experience a thrilling adventure in South Africa.

Our main hunting area is located in South Africa. More specifically in Eastern Cape, which is the richest area in terms of biodiversity and nature. And considered by many as the “hunters Mecca” thanks to its unparalleled variety of wildlife.

Big Hunting Spain manages 80.000 hectares at Eastern Cape province. You will be able to enjoy real wild hunting, since more than half of this extension is absolutely open or mountain. Something not easy to find in the rest of South Africa.

Next to the traditional safari packages like kudus, oryx or blue wildebeest, Big Hunting Spain can organize the best mountain hunts in the country and the best trophies of animals like vaal rhebox, mountain reedbuck, kudus in open mountain. Also bush pigs hunt with dogs and many more.

Besides we also have available several areas with very high population of warthogs, as well as the best buffalo trophies in the area. The combination of this together with mountain hunts and, of course, having some leisure time to enjoy the beach, visit Cape Town, Addo National Park or any of the many other hotspots, will make your journey truly unforgettable.

In case you already you already know Eastern Cape or you would rather want to try other areas, we also have access to hunting areas in Limpopo. As well as in other countries like Namibia or Mozambique.

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